Water + sex drive does it Matter???

Now let's talk water + SEX does it matter???

A previous blog post on sex and water the importance of water and the human experience. Note for over 40 years my parents begin there day with Lemon water in the morning. Who new in their eighties life and sex is still wonderful.

I remembered a delightful experience on my mothers 87th birthday. I stopped by to wish

her a Happy Birthday with my brother and a gift. Her comment to me was she was just getting to take a shower. In my naivety, I said go ahead I will wait. She then look at my father and said you ready? I then look at my brother he looked a me in amazement, I said to my dad are you saying on water or is this a sex thing -- thinking I am being smart or funny. He then look at me and said both. I smiled. After their shower, my mom sat in her favorite chair stretched out her leg and said I am ready. My father began to rub lotion on her legs and smiled. I then said my husband needs to take lessons. This lesson needed to be shared. We all must remember that water + sex does matter through the ages. Just remember to add love.

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