Water + Lemon & Health

#Water and one’s #health. I first notice at the age of 25 that my parents had a cup of hot lemon water every morning. I am 44 years older. Mom is now 90 and dad is 95 they have had only minor health concerns. They still have a cup of hot lemon water has great benefits. I have been having a cup of hot lemon water every morning now for the last five years. Which aid in the follow results to the human body.

1. Boost your #immunesystem: lemons are rich in vitamin C

2. Aids in putting your #balancein #pHbalance, the lemon #waterhelps reduce the acidity in your body.

3. Need to lose weight? Lemons are rich in pectin fiber helping to fight hunger and cravings. 4. Lemon juice helps remove unwanted material from the digestive system -- aiding your #digestivesystem.

5. As a diuretic the lemons help increases the rate of urination in the body helping to purify it. Allowing toxins to release faster from the body.

6. Aids in cleaning the skin decreasing wrinkles and blemishes which is promoted by the vitamin C in Lemons.

7. Freshens the breath helping to relieve pain and gingivitis.

8. Lemons helping to keep the body with vitamin C, When added to water, Lemon provides a refreshing and healthy boost throughout the day.

9. Relieving the respiratory problems keeping one from chest infections and stopping annoying coughs.

10. Losing the desire to want a cup of coffee. Recipe real #lemon juice 1 cup of hot or warm water


real #lemon juice from one lemon or 1 or 2 drops of lemon essential oil

1 cup of hot or warm water

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