Water and Your Sex Drive

We often think about hydrating our bodies before working out, but seldom think about hydration before that romantic encounter with that special person. Well it is something one should consider. What most do not realize is that being hydrated affects ones’ sex life. #Sexual activity of 20 to 30 minutes is the same of running for 3 miles. Clinical research indicates poor #hydration can cause a variety of health problems. Water is vital for human cells. In addition, the research suggests that for optimal health and a healthy sex life hydration is extremely important.

Many healthcare professionals have indicated that reduced water intake influences one’s #sex #drive by lowing it.

· Emotional And/or psychological components have an effect and result in poor energy levels which may be caused by reduced water intake.

· Poor tissue hydration affects energy generating processes, causing reduced stamina needed for sexual intercourse.

· Since, #water is the agent that cleans the human body from impurities and toxins and aids in keeping the body in balance which ultimately affects the endocrine hormones and libido. #Sex #Water #Sexual #hydration #drive #libido #love #relationships #yang yang essential oil #natural-u.net