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Business owners are among the most health-conscious group, ranking 73.4 on the Well-being Index Score in 2012 surveyed by GALLUP. Recently, over the course of several years, the well-being of our society is declining.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurs are not immune to this change of physical and mental health today. The American Institute of Stress has reported some of the leading causes of stress are as follows: 20% Juggling Work/ Personal Lives; 6% Lack of Job Security; 28% people issues and finally, 46% Workload. This information may be found on Workplace stress has a strong correlation to today’s health issues, and family problems experience by many entrepreneurs. As a busy entrepreneur, working to getting your business off the ground, your health might not be on your mind. Just because you are a busy entrepreneur, do not let your physical or mental health fall by the wayside. Remember that when your home life is stressful, health is failing, your business will suffer. Here are some useful tips that may be helpful. Testing for sensitivities to foods, what is your intolerance to gluten, peanuts, and other foods to ensure you stay healthy without any reactions to cause issues with your health.

A psychologist has reported that cooking and eating at home increases your happiness. Who knew? Get moving. Mayo Clinic recommends, setting up your office or workspace to allow a variety of practices such as stretching hourly, walk and talk meetings with coworkers, and even standing when working at the desk. Burn those calories. Review https://www. adult-health/i n-depth/offi ce-exercise/ art-20047394Keep to a workout, also workout between sessions or on your lunch hour and use biodegradable wipes for a quick clean up and go back to being beautiful or handsome. Vitamins are important. There absorption varies select them take a look at a very of resources you can try dōTERRA’s Lifelong Vitality Pack is full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality as subscription product in a bottle kit, or pre-packaged for easy access from a suitcase or gym bag. m/US/en/site/natural-u Sleep slips to a low priority for many entrepreneurs, but many individuals require 7- to 8-hours sleep to rejuvenate one’s body and mind. Starting a new business, one should insist on four hours of uninterrupted hours of sleep, regardless of preferred sleeping habits; sleeping will improve the quality as well as the quality of your work. Entrepreneurs following these tips should have to improve health and happiness while running a successful business.

Marie Elmore, Certified Wellness Advocate, Blogger & Author

Category: Health and Wellness By IBA Success November 4, 2019 Vol.5 Issue 4

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