Spring Cleaning -- Mind Body and Soul

Caring for your soul is so very important.

Spring Cleaning -- Mind Body and Soul

Spring Cleaning of our Mind, Body, and Soul is just as important as the Spring Cleaning we consider for our homes or the workplace. Today an inevitable part of our lives is stress, which is brought about by some of the cleanings we need to accomplish our mind, body, and soul. In today’s environment, many of us have so much that we are responsible for that the stress impacts our health mentally, physically, and our spirituality.

There are several ways for the spring cleaning of our total being possible if we take specific steps.

Mind & Soul

First, our mind & soul, our lives are extremely busy and hectic. The greatest scarcest in our lives is silence; it is essential to take time each day to have a moment of silence. Practicing meditation will allow one to have time for our heads to clear, and have time to enjoy the peace to refresh our thoughts, have feelings of relaxation, and feel relief from stress. Secondly, Positive Self-Talk can assist in altering our mindset, promoting positive thinking helping to reduce stress. When including yourself in positive self-talk, like I am capable, this supports feelings of positivity and the ability to get it done. Lastly, consider keeping a journal, a trick that worked for me. I would only write down the good days that brought me a lot of happiness and peace the rest of the days I would leave blank. Within three months, I had a month that had 6 out of 7 days a week that detailing, only happy, loving, peaceful days.


Take time to Spring Clean the body with food, it is time to eat differently, soups in the winter, salads in the summer, but what to eat in the spring? The spring is time to clean. Leafy green vegetables are cleansing especially endive, parsley, kale, beets, mustard greens, spinach, and arugula. Take advantage of making juice.

Now flush the body system with water and herbal teas; this is the perfect way to cleanse and hydrate the system. Add lemon to drinking water.

Consider eating organic fruits and vegetables, which aid in eliminating the toxins through the bowel, improving health, and well-being with your hands.

A hectic lifestyle causes stress, take time to slow down and be present in the day. Living life at a frantic pace, it becomes difficult to appreciate life at a slower pace doing so will aid in relieving stress. Secondly, start engaging in a regular exercise routine, whether it is yoga, walking, or one an exercise that is preferred. Physical activity and a continued exercise routine increase good endorphins, improves our energy levels, keeps our body parts and organs working like a fine machine. Let us get started today, cleaning our mind body and soul.

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