Natural-U Counting 3 2 1... Sex & Boosting the Human Body Systems for Improve Well-Being

Sex is considered very pleasurable by many, but the health benefits are seldom discussed.

The range of benefits varies. It is important to understand sexual pleasure has a broader reach and effect on the human body than the expansion of ones’ family from the birth of an offspring.

The benefits of sex extend from one’s head to one’s toes. Having an active sex life aids in boosting brain power (The Brain Works Better)

A secret to Longevity more sex could be the key. A study of a thousand middle-aged gentlemen who had the most orgasms reduced the death rate in half in comparison to those who did not have frequent sex.

I remember my mother was turning 87, and she said to her 93-year husband as they went to take a shower, and afterward, he massages and oil her feet. Mom passed at 91, and dad is still going strong at 98 – Sex, love, real companionship works in living longer.

Sex is an excellent anti-aging solution; it keeps one looking young and feeling young. Having sex releases the hormones estrogen and testosterone, which keeps you vital and looking younger. Those who have sex four times a week with a regular partner, some are perceived to be up to 12 years younger than they were.

Hugging and cuddling improve relationships, and sex orgasms release the hormone oxytocin (known as the love hormone) builds love and trust between couples. Your well-being strengthened via close connections with others; we feel healthier and happier.

While many individuals are concerned about physical exertion leading to a heart attack or stroke, a scientific study indicates that frequent sex does not increase the risk, and sex protects against fatal heart attacks.

Get to the Burn, now let’s burn 108 calories every half hour, sex does that. Relieve the stress of the day and feel relaxed and sleep better sex is a natural aid and guess what sex lessens pain the released hormones via sex that blocks pain signals.

A couple of health issues may improve related to having sex. Systolic blood pressure may be lowered based on studies indicating the specific link to intercourse. Urinary incontinence improves in women who have regular orgasms by working the pelvic floor muscles. A low Libido improves by having sex boosting one’s desire. Finally, the best of all studies show that sexual activity increases the body’s ability to make protective antibodies that fight viruses and bacteria.

Sex, not just a joy it has many health benefits so enjoy. Now thinking about ways to use aphrodisiacs? Consider essential oils, scientist have found for males’ ginseng, and for females’ Clary sage, Ylang Ylang, just to name a couple. If using an aphrodisiac be sure to follow the recommended use and that you or your partner are not allergic to the oils.

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