Meditate Two Minutes A Day

Science has shown health and #emotional benefits received from meditation. Managing symptoms of #anxiety, asthma, cancer and much more. Choosing a #stress management tool, techniques can be extremely helpful and healthy in reducing stress. Research has identified 5 simple steps for practical #meditation. Guided imagery has been determined that medical therapy have used it to manage stress, anxiety, #depression to lowering blood pressure, reducing pain and reducing some the side effects of chemotherapy. Many of us mediate many times a day not realizing it. Mediating consciously for two minutes a day will change the health of your being.

· Choose a goal and be specific about the goal you wish to achieve

· Choose a mantra, personalize it

· Say it out loud

· Say it a lot -- whenever your mind is free -- in the car -- at home -- etc.

· Visualize the desired outcome you wish to achieve

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