How to Have Good Oxygen Levels

Hello to Everyone, it has been a while with difficult times occurring in my family, three (3) deaths in the family, per-existing health conditions of Asthma, and thinking of all the many issues arising in the United States and around the World.

I started thinking about what is an average oxygen level should be for everyone.

Many of you may know the oxygen range should be 90 to 100. If the level drops below 90, it is a sign that your oxygen level is going in the wrong directions, and you may need to consult your physician. Humans do not perform well physically, they become fatigued quickly, and our red blood cells are vital.

There are five critical steps you can take to improve your Oxygen Level daily.


Open windows and doors – We all need fresh air – take a walk, be sure in the COVID-19 ware a mask; it is import to protect yourself and others today, my mother in law in September 2020, died from the virus. Please protect everyone.

· Iron is essential to your oxygen levels; eat iron-rich foods, such as dark leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, protein such as eggs, fish, or poultry.

· Obtain greater utilization of our oxygen levels; exercise increases our function to utilize our oxygen. You have increased endurance.

· Train and practice – breathing exercises – Breathing exercises or respiratory training strengthen our endurance and help us reduce our stress levels and help us focus and stay calmer.

I found several items to assist me in this journey of addressing my concern of having a greater oxygen level to aid in ensuring my overall wellness in staying healthy today. Purchasing, a Fingertip Pulse Oximeter Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor, incorporated Hatha Yoga Breathing exercise or the breathing exercise in the video.

I revised my exercise routine, and taking a brief walk with my mask with my husband by my side. To make exercise a more loving and rewarding adventure.