Heart health-- Love—Emotions

#Diet, #sex, and #heart #health is an interesting question. “One can reduce cardiovascular disease by #eating heart healthy foods every day, per Julie Zumpano, RD, LD a dietitian in Preventive Cardiology and Nutrition Program with the Cleveland Clinic.

Is sex good for the heart and is sex exercise – 5 to 15 minutes of sex equals about a 20-minute walk. Another question one may ask is sex good for the heart, in men more sex can help prevent heart disease. If a man has sex at least two or three times a week, they are less likely to develop the risk of cardiovascular disease than those who only have sex once a month. So, one can assume that there are several aspects to a healthy heart. They are WATER, DIET, EXERCISE, and Sex – we all need to learn to enjoy all of this also makes for a “stronger emotional support system which contributes to good health” per Drs. Gilinov and Nissen.

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