Health is Wealth & Not a Cliche'

Since the 1980s, researchers are finding more connections between health and one’s finances with physical symptoms going far beyond stress. The lack of sufficient funds has aided in the increase in society's heart disease, strokes, and mental health illness, and finances are partly the blame.

When one takes the initiative to improve their financial health, physical and mental benefits improve as well. Many people have reported the physical problems to occur when their debt levels are high, and credit is poor, it becomes imperative to alleviate the financial situation to improve their health.

Finances Affect = Physical Health

Wellness lifestyle, when well-balanced, includes ensuring paying attention to the property of one’s future. Some of the common manifestos of physical health implications due to financial concerns.

· Diastolic Blood Pressure – the rise of higher blood pressure in a Northwestern University study has shown by young adults ages ranging from 24 to 32 who had higher debt, an age group that should have optimal health, also may lead the heart attacks and stroke.

· Muscle Tension – muscle tension increases, including back pain, headaches/migraines to which may all be related to high stress if suffering from money problems. One should consider an exercise plan like Yoga, Simple Stretches, and Pilates, along with a revision or a new program for improving one’s financial status.

· Digestive Symptoms – When under a great deal of financial stress, many irregular eating habits develop, causing digestive tract problems, and ulcers may develop.

· Men, Men, and Young Adults Avoidance of the Doctor – today, many avoid going to the doctor to seek help due to lack of health insurance and the inability to pay for medical bills. Many today fall into just skipping the doctor consider a focus on the financial situation and making corrections, seeing health improve, and being able to see a doctor when necessary.

· Now Your Mental Health – When the overall quality of one’s life impacts our psychological impacts also damage our physical health. If you struggle with mental health concerns, consider consulting a counselor or a free national hotline (1-866-306-4083) which is a 24/7 treatment hotline for Mental

· Anxiety – Panic, and anxiety over finances may be the catalyst to an unhealthy lifestyle. Many in this situation take on a sedentary lifestyle, just sitting around watching TV, smoking, overeating, and drinking alcohol, staying in fear of paying bills.

· Embarrassment -The is much embarrassment occurring when one has to admit you are in poor financial standing, your card rejected when making a purchase, and if you are struggling with repeated money issues. You start to feel judged by friends or family.

· Depression – Despair is a familiar feeling with much debt things look bleak. One study found those who reported having severe depression found it was related to debt, and depression systems increasing with every 10% increase in personal debt.

Finances Improved = Health Improved

As with many instances, there is light in the end, or what goes down will go up. As you become debt-free, one begins to feel healthy and mentally well. The weight of a financial burden lifted. Your world becomes focused; you begin to heal mentally and physically. Your self-esteem boosted; your confidence turns on like you flip a switch. You cannot deny the science behind finances and health.

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