Getting Happiness Back

Mom's Happiness Solution and having a healthy immune system

My mother divorced my father when I was 18 years of age. I can remember her stating how lonely and unhappy she had become after being divorced during those difficult years. I asked her as I saw her happiness return, I asked her what did she do. Her answer was a simple one, she started keeping a journal. On the bad days the journal page was blank and on the good days all the things that brought her joy and happiness were listed. Soon she had more happy days than blank pages. (this can be accomplished digitally) This conversation with my beloved mother has enabled meet the challenges in life. Meeting the challenges, I learned that certain elements of a natural lifestyle provided my continuous and everlasting happiness,

Back to that Happy Place

Eliminate certain behaviors and start asking what, why, and how, the incident has made you unhappy. Take it in stride, clear your thoughts, release the feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, or sadness.

1. Ask yourself will any of these feelings contribute to my wholeness. Now identify the little things that you find joy.

2. Always start the day a smile or like my husband a singing a song.

3. Connect with positive individuals, laugh, and make time to play

4. Follow and enjoy doing what you are passion about

5. Always acknowledge your blessings be grateful

6. Enrich your life, walk in nature and practice mindfulness

7. Set goals and a plan to achieve what is most important to you

8. Live and enjoy the moment & let go of disappointment and sadness

9. Treat yourself good and ask for help when needed

Review You Nutritional Habits

Select foods that boost your mood and assist in eliminating your depressed, suicide, or blue blah mood.

· Eating healthy foods such as vegetables, fruits, wholegrain and fatty fat such as salmon, source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

· I not sure about one’s taste buds but I love Dark chocolate to boost your mood. Need to have the correct thought pattern berries are great for the brain.

· If you are fighting inflammation dark leafy greens such spinach and kale aid in the fight.

· Another healthy fat source are Almonds they contain Tyrosine which has been found aid in preventing the decline of cognitive function.

What if your life is happier right now, and not radically change your life? Would You? HAPPIER NOW!

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