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Healthy Sperm is a Winner

Sperm – 10 Ways to Healthy Sperm

Reproductive health is vital to both men and women. Men must maintain a healthy lifestyle to produce healthy sperm. Men who engage in a healthy lifestyle have been found they are more likely to have the ideal sperm.

Now, what is considered a healthy lifestyle, here are 10 ways that men can adapt to do their part?

1. Healthy Weight. Excessive fat causes hormonal imbalance which affects sperm health.

2. Healthy Eating | Eating Green. Whole foods, fresh vegetables, and fruits that are full of vitamins and antioxidants for fertility health.

3. Exercise doesn’t skip. Workouts are great for healthy sperm. Physical activity should be moderate for at least 150 minutes a WEEK.

4. Vitamins, which ones to take for health sperm – specifically D, C, E, and CoQ10 are essential for the health of sperm.

5. Who knew – Hot Tubs not so good since sperm live, and function in a very narrow temperature range which is 2-3 degrees less than one’s core body temperature, too hot can cause fertility issues for those seeking children?

6. Watch Out Now. The technology age has an effect, yes it does. Oh, that heat from the laptop on your lap…. Keep it on a table or desk – fellows keep the heat away.

7. Wow! Is Caffeine – Keep caffeine under 300 milligrams which is equal to 18 ounces a day whether it is soda or coffee.

8. Alcohol Drinks, consumption should not be more than 1-2 a day at most.

9. Tobacco chewing or smoking a NO, NO. Tobacco reduces sperm count.

10. Testosterone Replacement – Nooooooooo! It may stop natural sperm production, which also affects fertility.


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