Embracing A Wellness Lifestyle, the Only New Year’s Resolution

A New Year

Why embrace a Wellness Lifestyle for your Resolution? The important answer is usually considered to be healthy because it is characterized as the absence of disease. A wellness lifestyle is much more. A wellness lifestyle is felling physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy, happy, and enjoying the life you live. All around health in these areas is ones’ greatest assets, it affects how you feel, think, move, interact, achievement and prosper though out one’s life.

A lifestyle that lacks wellness or health puts one at high risk for many of the common diseases such as heart attacks, mental health and many other diseases that affect many of our population today. It has been known that sometimes major life events such as divorce, loss of a love one or even our finances affect our state of health. Our culture depends almost solely on doctors, drugs and health care systems to fix our health concerns.

It is widely known by health care professions that our lifestyle choices and/or learned behaviors impact our emotional and physical health on a daily bases through, poor nutrition, poor stress management, lack of sleep, lack of physical activity, excessive alcohol or drug use, and smoking resulting poor health, contributing to a diminished quality of life.

Today modern medicine fixates on diagnoses and treatment, where a wellness lifestyle focuses on self—awareness, education, and prevention instead of just treating diseases when they occur, a wellness lifestyle addresses the causes – its symptoms, and what changes need to occur. Ones’ thoughts, feelings, beliefs, habits, and the choices usually promote that inflammation, pain, and toxicity resulting in illness. A wellness lifestyle addresses the root causes of the occurring illness rather than just treating the symptoms one can assist the body in healing itself with a wellness lifestyle.

Trending today is integrative Medicine, combining treatments in conjunction with alternative, non-traditional practices by treating the whole person and all phases of their lifestyle. Our bodies are the capable of healing themselves naturally most of the time, not requiring synthetic medications to do the job for it. Our bodies heal naturally with the correct natural/plant support tools to let the body do what it has been engineered to do.

Plant remedies, known as essential oils have been used throughout the world, documented from biblical times to the present is one of the world most supportive tools for the body, in fact most synthetic drugs are a copy of what nature has provided us. The overall quality of the essential oil is extremely important and should have a therapeutic value before using.

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The next step is to add more plant life to your diet eat more Alkaline Foods bringing your body into pH Balance to aid all of the bodies organs to work properly and a healthy balance.

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