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In 1980 my daughter was born. That is when I had an epiphany to make a change in my lifestyle. I concluded that I had to give myself and my daughter a natural healthy start to life, eating fresh, natural foods, selecting products that are organic or all-natural, fresh vegetables, and fruit eliminating processed products from our diets. I started growing strawberries, blueberries, I planted a plum tree, and I could go on with a fresh vegetable and herb garden to ensure our lifestyle change.

​​      In 2011 I experienced an introduction to a great natural product dōTERRA Essential Oils, a great addition to the natural lifestyle. The use of essential oils in every area of my life supports my family's health and wellness physically, emotionally, and financially.  Since using dōTERRA Essential Oils, I became sharing with others who are interested in natural solutions for health and wellness, feel healthy, active and empowered!

​     I became a doTERRA Certified Wellness Advocate in 2011. I earned several Masters Degrees, Information Technology Security & Project Management, Online Instructional Design, and Social Media / Digital Marketing. Now I am a Wellness Advocate, a Contributing Author for IBA Magazine, Blogger, and Adjunct Professor.  I am passionate about helping others live a vibrant and purposeful life, writing for my blog website. 

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The Journey To Health Begins on the Path of Self Love, Care and Wellness Advocay start the journey Today.

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